1.  CONNECT: Literally, “wake up” in the God-Energy. Before getting out of bed, consciously identify with the God-Energy. Use an affirmation such as: “I am one with the God-Energy all day long.”

2.  SPIRITUAL EXERCISE: Keep a daily appointment with God in meditation. Dedicate 20-30 minutes to “feeling your connection with the God-Energy.” This is the easiest step not to do. Discipline yourself to daily “be with God.”

3.  PHYSICAL EXERCISE: Physically exercise your body with an “energy exercise.” See your body as an “energy system” that needs consciously charged. Use energy exercises such as hatha yoga, tai chi, Qi Quong, etc.

4.  DAILY ACTIVITIES: Live your whole day as “conscious Spiritual practice.” Clearly understand that “you are what the God-Energy is doing.” Do every task as a “manifestation of Spirit.”

5.  RECONNECTING: Use any free mental time to reconnect with the God-Energy. Develop an affirmation that instantly reconnects you with the God-Energy. Examples of such affirmations are: “Oneness”, “Now”, and “God-Joy.”

6.  NAMASTE: See the “Namaste” (“God-Energy”) in every person and every situation. You are meant to be wherever you are as the Light, to give and receive Spirit. Refuse to judge people or situations; refuse to be caught up in drama.

7.  NO WHINING: Stop whining at the first instant of recognition. Immediately return to your God-Awareness by “choosing again” from Spirit. Remember: The power of the God-Energy in you is greater than any problem.

8.  PARTNER: Meet weekly with a “sangha”, a group of like-minded enlightened people. Actively search for a group and teacher who share your Spiritual aspirations. We grow best with others, sharing our stories of inspiration and knowledge.

9.  THE TEACHER: Meet regularly with a teacher who truly feeds you. The teacher may be a person, an author, etc. – someone who inspires you to grow. Benefit from one who knows the way; you only waste time going down barren paths.

10.  SURRENDER: Surrender into the “God-Energy” at bedtime. Offer your day to the God-Energy as your gift of co-creation. Say “good night” to the God-Energy, and fall asleep in “God-Love.”

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