Now Creations is an organization whose sole and “soul” purpose is to help people see the “Good” that is truly within them, and then to help others to see the same “Good” in themselves. We believe that this foundational experience can change the world by:

1) Releasing any residual self-created suffering,

2) Helping people to be their absolute best Self of enlightened consciousness, and

3) Raising the consciousness of the planet as part of the Universal Life Force.

The organization was formed when Vince Lisi and Bob Cene Jr. clearly felt a desire to share this “Power of Goodness” that they had experienced through years of sharing the spirit with many people in Youngstown, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Thus, Now Creations (a not-for-profit-company) was formed as a manifestation of the power of the “Good”on March 5, 2005. In a few short weeks our vision/motto statement was formulated: “Namaste, The Good in Me sees the Good in You”, our website was established, and CDs containing the powerful message were recorded and distributed monthly.

We ask you to join us to help evolve the world by acknowledging your own Goodness, and by helping people to acknowledge theirs.